Wonderful products from photographer Bill Pratt coming to Mill Street Books


Bill Pratt is a local photographer whose work is featured in a new line of products produced for the Nature Boutique of the Canadian Museum of Nature.  Mill Street Books is pleased to carry a selection of these journals, mugs and magnets with wildlife images which will appeal to nature lovers and those looking for truly Canadian souveniers.
High Res

Bill, who worked for Parks Canada, has travelled to many of the world’s most remote regions and cherishes Canada’s wilderness.

 He says ” To quietly photograph truly inspiring landscape or unique wildlife behaviours connects me to my true self.  I feel most grounded in the silence of Canada’s wild places.”  Bill shares his work to remind viewers of the natural wonders of our country and to inspire protection of our environment. 
An official launch to celebrate the work of  Bill Pratt, admire his photos and select some great gifts takes place on Saturday November 17th from 4:30 to 6:00pm at Mill Street Books, Almonte.