A tribute to Audrey Ellard

Audrey EllardWe were able to open Mill Street Books thanks to the generosity of my mother Audrey Ellard who died recently in Cozumel, Mexico at the age of 88.  She helped us to purchase the store, took an interest in all aspects and celebrated our success.

My mom was a voracious and speedy reader; she read to keep informed and to appreciate fine literature. I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by books and as a child I remember spending more time at the library than the grocery store.

Her day started with a cup of coffee and newspaper; she often fell asleep with the light still on and a book on her lap. No matter what subject arose, Audrey had read about it and could suggest a book or author. She read reviews, made lists and surrounded herself with books so there was always a good one in the pile.

My mother read throughout her life for pleasure, the pursuit of  knowledge and to share stories with others. It was time well spent.

Mary Lumsden